• URBANRISE a brand of financially strong Alliance Group from Bangalore/Chennai is foraying into the Hyderabad market. New projects with 50,000 affordable homes for the aspiring class being developed in Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad in next 5 years. Of which 20,000 homes are being developed in different parts of Hyderabad. Today we are one of the Renowned and Largest Real estate Developer in Chennai and wish to become A Successful Property Developer in Hyderabad by 2019 with all the love & blessings of people in Hyderabad.

• Do you have the fighting spirit? Do you have the Required Skill, Expertise, Grit and Gumption to shape Urbanrise to become the largest developer in Hyderabad? Are you looking to spring board your career? Look no further….

• We are looking out for ‘Challengers, spirited professionals & Star Performers’ only. Average performers may kindly save your time by not applying.

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