Alliance group & Urbanrise to take part in ‘fairpro 2019’, a three- day property expo

Alliance Group & Urbanrise to take part in ‘Fairpro 2019’, a Three- Day Property Expo

Alliance Group, a reputed real estate developer in Chennai and its aspirational housing brand Urbanrise, will be taking part in “Fairpro 2019”, the three-day property and real estate exhibition scheduled to take place in the Chennai city from February 15 to 17, 2019.

The annual expo is the flagship property and real estate exhibition of Chennai Chapter of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) and the event is being organized at Chennai Trade Centre at Nandambakkam.

The Alliance Group, which has committed itself in real estate sector with big money investments at the second edition of the Global Investors meet held in the Chennai city, recently, would be showcasing their housing projects, which are being concurrently developed in various sites across Chennai.

“ Million Carats, a project bang on OMR was launched recently with the avowed aim of giving aspirational homes to the home buyers, apart from its other project in the similar vein, such as the  Jubilee Residences at Guduvanchery” said Manoj Namburu, Chairman of Alliance Group.

The 12Th Edition of Fairpro ’19 is expected to attract over 25,000 visitors for three days, and it would cater to buyers from across the various sectors.  Lucrative pricing and offerings across housing segments would be the watchword of this annual event.

Suman Voora, Convener, Fairpro 2019 said, “This event will be a great opportunity for real estate developer to showcase a wide range of options for the buyers. We expect that the home buyers would be immensely benefited from the event’.

Addressing the media Mr. W.S.Habib, the Chennai President of CREDAI said, “Fairpro being the longest-running exhibition of the real estate sector is one of the most successful events in India”.

“There will be affordable houses showcased at the event starting from Rs.20 lacs onwards, as well as luxury houses worth many crores” he said.

CREDAI Fairpro `19 would bridge the real estate developers with the potential homebuyers, and it is once in a year opportunity, which the homebuyers could not afford to miss.

Offers for the bookings done at CREDAI fair pro: 4 gms gold coin


Alliance Group Commits Rs.9500 Cr. (1.34 Billion USD) Investment at Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet 2019

Alliance Group, one of the leading real estate developers in the country has committed itself, to augmenting the phenomenal growth of residential real estate, commercial properties, and IT Parks in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and signed an MOU to this effect in the just concluded Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet 2019 (TNGIM).

The MOU was signed with “Tamil Nadu Industrial Guidance and Promotion Bureau”, for a whopping Rs.9,488Cr. (1.34 Billion USD) to develop homes for all home buyers, cutting across income groups and generate employment directly and indirectly. In return, the Govt. of Tamil Nadu will offer facilitation to Alliance, in obtaining infrastructure support like power supply, water etc. and also provide expeditious approvals to its projects. This investment would also spur job growth in the various allied industries related to housing development.

Mr. Suneel Bommireddy, Vice-chairman of the Group has inked the MOU with the Honorable Chief Minister EdapadiPalanisamy, making it the largest such deal in Chennai’s history. This is a milestone event in the annals of Alliance Group and reinforces its commitment to the Chennai market.

“This is a proud moment for the Alliance Group, as the Honorable Chief Minister EdapadiPalanisamy was personally there to sign the MOU with us. Out of eight companies invited to the podium, Alliance Group happens to be the only company from the real estate industry to have been honored with the Chief Minister’sgrand gesture” saidMr. Suneel Bommireddy.

Alliance Group over the last 14 years has emerged as a trusted and top provider of housing solutions in Chennai, with over 5000+ happy customers and projects covering all of Chennai (Korattur/Annanagar, Kelambakkam, Pallavaram, Oragadam, Padur, Siruseri, Thirumazhisai, Guduvanchery). This MOU is seen as evidence of Alliance rededicating itself to the Chennai market directly, and its unfazed belief in contributing to Tamil Nadu governments’ efforts in regaining the top position and glory in the state GDP rankings in the country.

“From the days thatEast India Company was operating inMadras, the city has shaped into an industrialized city and that has propelled Tamil Nadu into top 3 states of the country in GDP growth, consistently. However, over the last decade, the GDP growth rate has slowed down, and to put the economy back on track and solve the ever-increasing urban demand for housing, such significant investments in the Real Estate industry are essential and Alliance group has taken the lead to invest heavily in Chennai. Investments in Real estate industry will directly spur growth in over 160 industries such as cement, steel, tiles, doors, and paints and would have indirect growth effect on 370 industries including limestone, plastics, clay, and pigments.   We are committed to Chennai and its growth”, stated Mr. Manoj Sai Namburu, CMD, Alliance.

The specific aim of Alliance projects that are already grounded, is to provide living spaces that fit all sizes, prices without compromising on location, quality, and amenities.

First time home eligible buyers also have the option of aspiring for home ownership by leveraging direct benefits under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and income tax benefits under 80 IBA (Housing for All) clause.The 50,000 aspirational homes planned under Alliance Group’s Urbanrise brand would be a perfect choice for any homebuyer as they are deemed to be “fast-moving” and “easy to rent”- properties complete with all the modern amenities on par with any luxury home when it comes to the urban lifestyle.

According to Honorable Chief Minister EdapadiPalanisamy “The second edition of the Global Investor meet which was held in Chennai on January 23 and 24 was a huge success, as it witnessed phenomenal investments to the tune of Rs.3.4 Lakh Cr. (47.9 Billion USD) cutting across many sectors. The second edition even surpassed the first edition of TNGIM held in 2015.

Here is to a great year ahead for Chennai and its citizens!

“Urbanrise Jubilee Residences” was honoured as the “Best Affordable Housing Project of the year 2018” by Tamil Nadu Real Estate Consultants Association (RECON)

“Urbanrise Jubilee Residences” was honoured as the “Best Affordable Housing Project of the year 2018” by Tamil Nadu Real Estate Consultants Association (RECON) during the recently concluded annual conference. Affordable Housing took center-stage in this meet’s focus (held on Feb 4th, 2019) at the TAJ Coromandel. Urbanrise is a brand of the Alliance Group, a successful and leading real-estate developer in the Chennai market over the last 14 years.


Chennai has long been a flag bearer for the affordable housing market in India, registering a trend leading up to 2019 and beyond. These are homes that are priced below the usual Rs. 40 lacs ticket price for a home, whereas most of the current overhang inventory is for homes priced between Rs. 50 lac – Rs. 1.5 cr.


A great push for this segment of housing was brought on by the recent central government policy decisions that reflected in GST based incentives as well as the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) – a one-time upfront subsidy up to Rs. 2.67 lacs, and Bank Lending credits (for first time how buyers in designated Urban areas)


While Private Equity investors are betting high on the Affordable Housing market with over Rs. 576 Million investments on this segment in 2018 – which translates to a 15% YoY increase.


Of the 3 Panel discussions held, the first one on Affordable Housing is what held the most interest amongst the participants.



Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Manoj Namburu, CMD, Alliance Group articulated many of the evident aspects of this segment and also why they are bullish on this offering for the next few decades.


Mr. Namburu conveyed, “We have realised over the last few years that the supply-demand scenario on the regular housing (Rs. 50 Lac – Rs. 1.5 Cr.), has been skewed with a lot of inventory overhang, resulting in projects taking longer to market. It was also not solving the problem of housing, which catered to only the upper 1/3rd of the population pyramid. A majority of the citizens have resigned to either paying high rents for a large portion of their lives, or finding sub-par homes on the outskirts of the city.”


“We followed a Blue Ocean Strategy, which resulted in us coming us with a new brand Urbanrise to solely focus on this segment with specific objectives of furthering the cause of housing-for-all”, he remarked. We aim to bring 50,000 “Aspirational Homes” to the market in the next 3 years across high-density metros in South India.


When asked by the audience, how the company planned to sell 2000+ homes in each project whereas developers currently are facing difficulty offloading small numbers like 500, the following were the salient points highlighted by Mr. Manoj Namburu.



  • There is a huge market today for “non-buyers”, those that are renting and trying to strike a balance between their homes and their work place.
  • Imagine an individual spending Rs. 10,000/month as rent today. With the PMAY scheme, this individual can become a proud owner by paying the same as EMIs, thus investing in equity. This is an unbeatable option.



  • All of Urbanrise projects are in growth-oriented neighbourhoods even though the cost of land acquisition is premium; the final product is closer to their workspaces thus making their work-life balance better.
  • In the recent years, it has become a distant dream to acquire property in the vicinity of the rapidly expanding OMR stretch. Our first project launched 6 months ago is already sold out. We have many more coming up on this and similar locations.
  • All of our locations ensure that the homebuyer will benefit from the appreciation of their buy.



  • We have invested in state-of-the-art technologies like MIVAN to provide top quality homes, without the usual occurrences like leakages and cracks.
  • Our amenities for Urbanrise homes, are on par with, or exceed the specifications of luxury builders.
  • Usage of this technology also reduces the time to market for these developments.


Home Sizes:

  • We have spent over 2 years to come up with the right formula for developing our unit specifications – ranging from Studio, 1BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK homes. This means right sized homes for the right prices.
  • With homes that are functional in every way, our planning extends to square foot of the layout to be optimised for full use, resulting in breathing homes to suit individual needs.


Fiscal Discipline

  • We practice strong financial discipline making each project self-sufficient and not risk with any other projects within the organisation.
  • We curtail the marketing spend to 50% lesser than the traditional paradigm – and that translates to the savings to the final homebuyers.


Finally Mr. Namburu concluded that by creating a new market out of non-buyers, we expect to further the notion of “Housing is a Birth Right” in the new Indian generation. The democratisation of home buying ensures social equity; similar to the way it is practiced in countries like Singapore.


Property has been the best choice when it comes to Investment in Chennai

A smart investment has the potential to change our lives, providing us sufficient return to live our dreams. In recent times, the most important and successful investment remains to be real estate. People who have already made their investment in real estate will explain you that investing in homes will probably be worth every little threat.

India, the land of tradition, customs and religious belief has turned to be the Standout nation when it comes to Investment. In particular, Investing on real estate has been the choice of all class people in India. Given the fact that prime real estate in India never loses demand or value, investing in it can be a great move, offering returns far higher than traditional investment options. As only certain cities of India have a bigger real estate Market, Chennai is one successful city which excels in Real estate sector.

Real Estate in Chennai:

Chennai, the biggest commercial and industrial hub of South India has been growing in leaps and bounds in the past decade; the ride-friendly coastline and ever growing IT sector have expanded the city, which leads to new destinations in and out of the city. Real estate in Chennai has been recorded as the most profitable business.

Right from Premium High-rise apartments, Luxury villas to compact and affordable homes, Chennai has all segments of housing for all class people. In contrast to many cities across India, the growth of Chennai’s residential market has been steady in terms of pricing, demand and supply over the couple of years. This has made the southern city of the nation as one of the stable markets across cities in India even during the worst economic crisis in the past.

One of the notable factor of Chennai real estate market is the upholstered price value of property in market. Compared to the slight downfall of real estate in the past few years, Chennai real estate market has raised to a rapid height showing signs of a probable real estate boom. At present, outskirts of the city has been the choice of investors who wish to make profits in the mere future. In the coming months, Chennai will see more projects based on affordable homes by developers which are already in progress. These projects have minimal plot coverage where small-size apartments are constructed with all basic amenities

Most of the Apartments in Guduvanchery, Tambaram, Porur, Pallavaram and most of the stretch along OMR are gaining attention of investors as they are being traded at unrealistic prices on the pretext of project announcement. In future, the value of Properties located in and out of Chennai is said to take off even more positive heights in Real estate market.

Checklists you should consider before buying a Property in Chennai

The well-occupied busy city celebrates the productive life every day. That’s the special feature connecting us with urban life. Chennai is one among the top metropolitan city in India. Finding an elegant and cozy home to nest you is a bit-challenging task. When there are oodles of solutions spread out to guide you in buying a property in Chennai.

We chennaities always wonder buying a small house in those tall buildings passing through the cab window. Buying a home in Chennai needs to process with a clarity and transparency.You should own a house by satisfying at least 70 percent of your demand checklist.

Checklist on owning a property in Chennai involves guidance:

  • You should consider the appreciation value, legal hassles, and investments.
  • Money is the prime factor and the starting point to travel your dream. Fix your budget and drive your destination.
  • Still more on our way to coordinate with professionals and government officials
  • Moreover, the most crucial job is carrying out the document and legal activities.

However, we have heard the glimpse of the checklist; let us get contented with the complete list.

Be in the best place!

  • Brand of the Builders and developers
    Engage with the best residential builders and developers of the city.
  • Quality of the Construction and projectInvestigate the quality of the construction process.
  • Banking and financial support
    The organization should have collaborated with the financial and banking sectors to help you.
  • Final cost sheet of the property
    Try to get the complete cost sheet of the property before progressing ownership.
  • Completion of the project
    Get the exact data about the completion of the project.
  • Amenities and charges
    If you book an apartment from the gated community, make sure to inquire about the amenities and the applicable charges


    Find the best ambience to feel the life!

  • Perfect floor planThe Floor plan is the foremost thing, which you should fix on.
  • Good working conditionBefore hand over, you have to check over the condition of the walls, floors switches, wires, tiles fitting, and ceiling finishes etc.
  • Comfortable ambienceHappiness lies in your comfortable ambience. So, the home should possess proper utility area, balcony, storage space, living space etc.
  • Ventilation and lightHealthy life needs proper ventilation and air circulation. You should realize the importance of natural connectivity.
  • Safe constructionClarify the construction methods and style. Confirm whether the building can resist the natural disasters.
  • Basic amenitiesYou certainly need some basic amenities, if you own a residential apartment.
  • Vaasthu ConnectivityThe effective vaasthu formulas will let in the good fortune to the home.


Pick the better location to drive a happy life!

  • Lifestyle
    Choose your ideal home in the locality that suits your lifestyle and taste.
  • Convenient travelling facilities
    Your location should be convenient for your transportation, bus, train or cab facilities.
  • Should be near to your destination
    Example: Your workplace, school, college, utility structure, shopping, pharmacy etc.
  • Basic requirements for living
    Good water supply, drainage, power supply etc.
  • Ensure the long-term Investment
    Value of the property drops and rises according to the location and time. Your investment should last long for more years.
  • Inspect the flood issues
    Chennai has faced a major flood disaster. It is something decisive to check on it.
  • Safe and secure locality
    Robbery, burglaries are threatening us these days in many localities in Chennai. Safe and secure location shields you with the stress-free life.

Some legal documentation needs to be processed to get the ownership of the property.

  • Ownership and title deeds
    It speaks about the ownership of the property. It is an act of transferring the ownership of the property.
  • Sanctioned building plan check
    The building should be constructed with the sanctioned building plan.
  • Commenced certificate
    Local municipal authority permits the building to start the construction.
  • NOCs form from local bodies
    Get the no objection certificates is vital for the registration of the property.
  • Construction and builder agreement
    Spend time reading the whole agreement.
  • Completion certificate
    After completion of the project, the builders should obtain the certificate from the local municipal authorities.
  • Occupancy and possessions certificate
    It is mandatory according to the state law that the developer should receive the occupancy and possession certificate.

Hope this article helped you to minimize your time in making a checklist. Chennai is the well established and sophisticated city to take uplift your lifestyle and exhilarate your life. Choose your dream home, which favors you with all benefits for a cozy life.

Design Your Desires!


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